Sam Hanna Iowa, Sammy Hanna Iowa

Sammy Hanna
Founder, Blue Lighting- Ankeny, Iowa
Founder, Rush Nutrition- Ankeny, Iowa
Sammy Hanna is the President and CEO of Blue Lighting Illumination and Design based in Ankeny, Iowa. Blue Lighting is an Energy Consulting company focused on working with companies around the world and helping them establish “Green Initiatives”. He is also the founder and President of Rush Nutrition based in Ankeny, Iowa. Rush Nutrition is a Nutraceutical Company focused on helping people live healthy, quality lives.

Mr. Hanna has a degree in Marketing from the University of Iowa.
Sam is an active member of the Knights of Columbus and has volunteered with numerous organizations such as the United Way, and Dream Big.
Some of Mr. Hanna’s case studies and energy consulting framework have been published by the US Department of Energy. Rush Nutrition has released a new diet pill that has been hailed by Dr. Oz as the “Holy Grail” of diet.

Sam was born on a beautiful ranch in the Sandhills of Western Nebraska. In his spare time Sam loves the beach and anything to do with water. His passion is kite surfing and he travels to the Dominican Republic to kitesurf as often as possible with many of his friends from around the world.


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